stray cat strut

As all cat parents know, when Kitty is hungry, Kitty needs food. IMMEDIATELY. “What do you mean you have to open the can and put it in the bowl? Why isn’t it there already? I want it now! Now! Neow!” seems to be their cries as they twist around your ankles and get under your feet. Or, if they’re outside, as they climb up and cling to the screen door in an attempt to get to the food, like this ABSOLUTELY STARVING group of cats-turned-door decorations!

This photo was posted on the Twitter account @nekosanpo_xxx, which posts all kinds of adorable photographs of stray cats, which Japan has no shortage of. Luckily for these kitties, there are plenty of kind-hearted citizens who make sure the cats in their neighborhoods stay well-fed, as demonstrated here:

▼”Cats with front row seats, waiting for their food.”

“It’s like a zombie movie! LOL.” says one Japanese commenter. Another writes: “I’m actually most surprised by the strength of the screen door.” But the overall consensus is that this spectacle is absolutely adorable — and these are, without a doubt, the cutest door decorations ever.

Source: Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter @nekosanpo_xxx