Apparently, selling foodstuffs is the sexiest occupation around, judging by the many recent discoveries of incredibly hot people peddling edibles. First, we had the KFC hottie, followed by the Pork Princess. And now, there’s another attractive food seller in Pingtung, Taiwan whose beauty is bringing all the boys to her stall, but it seems that not everyone is happy about her particular brand of marketing her wares.

The gorgeous market stall dumpling vendor attracts customers with the promise of free spicy soup if they can win a game of rock, paper, scissors against her, but it’s clear that she’s as much of an attraction herself as the potential free food.

Once a video was uploaded to YouTube showing the vendor, identified as  Ms. Huang, in action selling her dumplings, she became an overnight celebrity. The images have attracted a lot of spiteful comments online, with some even implying that she is “selling her body” rather than her dumplings. Hmm!

Here’s the video!

▼ It looks like everyone who works at her shop has been blessed in the looks department!

▼ She’s even happy to pose for selfies with her fans/customers!

▼ We reckon the haters are just jealous. She sounds like a business-savvy lady to us!

After all, wouldn’t you be more excited to visit a restaurant if all the chefs were as adorable as this?

Source and images: Singapore Seen