Imagine walking along the street, minding your own business, and suddenly coming across a cat hideously impaled on security spikes. What a way to ruin your day. But don’t worry, we wouldn’t bring you such depressing news on a Monday. Fortunately this kitty is fine, it’s simply enjoying a nice comfortable nap on a bed of nails.

Just in case it wasn’t already traumatizing passersby enough, the cat then went for a spike-through-the-chin pose complete with a death throes expression.

▼ Someone give this cat an Oscar.

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After the relief of realizing this black and white cat hasn’t actually died a hideously painful death, you have to start wondering how it managed to get there in the first place.

▼ Those spikes are supposed to keep things out, especially cats!

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Actually, if you look closely at the pictures you can tell that this is just an optical illusion. The cat is actually lying in the space behind the strip of spikes. Incidentally, beds of nails are not as uncomfortable as they sound, as the distribution of weight over numerous nails means that the pressure exerted on each is not enough to pierce the skin. That being said, it’s still not exactly a feather bed, which is why the use of these spiky beds is generally limited to meditation, acupuncture-like therapy, and magic tricks.

▼Totes comfortable.


This cat either has a twisted sense of humour, or it’s realized that if it wants any peace and quiet the best place to not be disturbed in behind a protective barrier of metal spikes. It’s definitely not supposed to have found its way up there but, as any cat owner knows, the more you try to keep a cat out of somewhere the more it’ll try to get in. Don’t think that a few vicious, razor-sharp skewers are going to stop them!

Source: Twitter via HamuSoku
Images: @write_jun on Twitter, Wikipedia Commons