Shenyang, China, may be a few hours’ drive from the sea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an eyeful of good-looking girls and guys in swimwear. Plus, you can enjoy some hearty food and drink without getting sand in it.

Congee, known as okayu in Japan, is a type of savoury rice porridge/gruel and is eaten in many Asian countries. The dish is typically thought of as a comforting, nourishing food that even the most tender of tummies can handle, and is often eaten by those feeling a bit under the weather. For that same reason, however, congee’s reputation is far from sexy or luxurious.

To spice things up a bit, a new congee restaurant in Shenyang, the provincial capital of Liaoning Province, hired models in swimsuits to act as waiters and waitresses. And wouldn’t you know, it worked like a charm, with plenty of people piling in to test out the food and have it served to them by women wearing bikinis and men in swimming shorts showing off their chiseled chests.

▼ The restaurant has dodged accusations of sexism by having both men and women baring their flesh.


▼ If you’re going out for congee anyway, you might as well go to the place that offers a feast for the eyes, too.


▼ The video shows people of all ages and genders enjoying themselves at the restaurant.


▼ Some more traditional folks have voiced complaints, but the move has been a huge success for the business.


▼ It looks like there’s a lot of food other than congee on offer, too.


The restaurant owners may have been inspired by Hooters, the infamous American chain which is currently expanding its franchise rapidly in Asia and proving that, despite controversy, its formula of beautiful women + not many clothes works when it comes to bringing in the money. They could be in a lucrative position to profit from local restaurant-goers who’d rather have good old-fashioned Chinese cooking over American imports, and for whom the swimwear-clad servers are just an added bonus.

It’s unclear whether or not this was a one-time promotional event, but it’s certainly put this place on the map.

Source: YouTube via Toychan Net and AFPBB News
Images: YouTube