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For those of us who grew up with kung-fu movies and fighting games, sometimes it can be hard to cope with the crushing reality that we’ll never be able to pull off backflips or spinning bird kick like Street Fighter‘s Ryu or Chun-Li, no matter how hard we try.

YouTubers CorridorDigital, found a way around the years of martial arts training required to become a King of Fighters, turning two low-level “karate students” into gravity defying, super-speed karate masters with the help of a little stop-motion video and some clever camera angles.

▼ White-belt vs. Yellow-belt

The video begins with two goofy-looking dudes showing off their less-than-refined karate skills in a local park. When a pretty lady walks by, they become suddenly very aware of the fact that they are mere novices and probably look pretty uncool. 

▼ “Um, nice moves, guys…”

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In hopes of winning over the pretty lady, they snap into “horizontal mode”, as we’ll call it. Being horizontal allows them to bend, hit and defy gravity in ways that they would never manage standing upright, especially at their level.

▼ Now that’s more like it!

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▼ Horizontal fighting allows for the use of just as many, if not more, terrain features. Ouch!

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▼ In the end, the white-belt defeats the yellow-belt, assuming his level and thus winning the girl, right?

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▼ Wrong!

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It’s a pretty silly video, but the concept and execution of the stop-motion is really cool. We hope to see another video in the future featuring more special effects and super-moves!

Source/screenshots: YouTube (CorridorDigital)