A stereotypical scene of a visit to London includes a trip to Buckingham Palace and a touristy photo-op of a silly pose next to one of the Queen’s Guards. With their distinct, bright red coats and big poofy black hats, to many tourists they might just seem like ceremonial guards, but they are actually fully operational soldiers entrusted with an important job, and they take their job very seriously.

People seem to get a kick out of trying to get a reaction out of these guys, but you really don’t want to mess with them. Someone probably should’ve warned this kid, before he pushed a soldier a little too far and ended up staring into the barrel of his gun!

The video of a tourist pestering a Queen’s Guard, which surfaced June 22 and has already garnered over seven million views, was reportedly recorded at Windsor Castle. The man can be seen mimicking the march of the soldier, as the one behind the camera notes that the soldier’s “gun is jammed.” The tourist then faces the soldier down, still with his mocking grin, as the soldier then does an about-face.

The tourist then took it a step further, in this case a step too far for the guard as he hesitantly placed a hand on the guard’s shoulder, and then…

Having had enough of the mockery, the soldier startles the man off in a panic as he readies his gun and shouts in a booming voice: “Step back from the Queen’s Guard!” Needless to say, the tourist lost his smirky attitude pretty quickly!

While the Queen’s Guard is most notably found around Buckingham Palace, they are also stationed at a number of other official residences of the Queen, including St. James’s Palace and Windsor Castle.

It would be wise to remember that these guys are not just tourist attractions, but are actual trained soldiers wielding real guns. Maybe this video will help serve as a reminder to people to give them more of the respect they deserve!

Source: The Independent, YouTube (hngjms)
Featured image: YouTube (hngjms)