When I was a kid, I loved it when my parents would take me to a McDonald’s drive-through because back then I found it incredibly fascinating and fun that you could order food from inside a car by talking to a box, and then drive around the corner and receive your food from a person in a small window. I even asked my mum if I would be able to order at a drive-through stand on my tricycle, or on foot. Obviously, the answer I got was no.

How times have changed! Now cyclists can pedal into a McDonald’s drive-through stand, and the best part is, their food comes in a neat packaging designed specially for transportation on bicycles!

In an experimental campaign, McDonald’s tagged up with advertising agency Tribal Buenos Aires to reach out to a new consumer segment in countries where cycling is a major means of transport. As a result, the McBike was created.

The service was given a one-day test run, first in Copenhagen, Denmark, then in Medellin, Colombia, and is slated to be trialled in Amsterdam and Tokyo as well. As far as the promotional video shows, the McBike service looks pretty awesome, especially in its Denmark-leg where they had an exclusive bike-through lane.

▼ Cycling through the drive-through lane! My childhood dream fulfilled.


▼ Unlike regular drive-through meals, a McBike meal comes in a cute little box with its own hanger.


▼ It’s like a pit stop for cyclists!


The greatest innovation of this campaign is probably the McBike packaging that smartly and conveniently hangs from a bicycle’s handlebars while keeping the meal intact with its built-in cup holder and two neat pockets which house a packet of fries and a burger. No more spilled drinks and fries!




Unfortunately, the McBike is still in an experimental stage, but it definitely looks promising! With more urban cities in the world working towards building more eco-friendly environments and more people choosing bicycles as their preferred means of transport, we can totally imagine the McBike lane becoming a permanent fixture at McDonald’s!

Source/Images: YouTube via Game Over