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Video games designed to provide some titillation are nothing new in Japan. As a matter of fact, developers have been trying to include a little naughty excitement in titles for so long that the feature has begun to evolve and become streamlined in response to players’ needs and desires. For example, we recently looked at a game in which the designers thought to include a cycle by which the female characters change their panties to a new pair daily, much to the joy of realist perverts (and the chagrin of dirty underwear fetishists).

But while Japanese gamers have proven receptive to titles with a decidedly sexy angle, that doesn’t mean their parents are so accepting of their hobby. That’s why the upcoming PlayStation 4 game Gal Gun Double Peace includes not only more panty flashes than you can shake a stick at, but something called the Mom Just Walked In Screen to help spare players from getting caught in an embarrassing moment.

In the early days of light gun/rail shooter video games, the most common targets were uniformed soldiers from some hostile nation. As sensibilities changed during the 1990s and turn of the millennium, robots and zombies became common adversaries as well. But it wasn’t until Gal Gun came around in 2011 that there was a whole game structured around shooting schoolgirls. Don’t worry, though, the main character wasn’t pumping his anime-style classmates full of lead, but pheromones.

Gal Gun proved popular enough that developer Inti Creates and publisher Alchemist have created a sequel, Gal Gun Double Peace. The plot is basically the same as the first game: The main character, a high school student, is struck by an angel’s arrow, making him irresistible to women for exactly one day. However, if he doesn’t find his true love within that time, he’ll be alone forever once the arrow’s effect wears off, and so the race is on.

▼ In the game’s defense, even the preview video touts it as being “200 percent dumber than the original!”

Impeding the hero’s search for his soul mate are the hordes of other girls who are swarming him, and the player has to fend them off by firing pheromones at them until they go weak in the knees and stop chasing you (we’re guessing that getting rid of them by saying “Let’s just be friends” or showing them your closet full of pervy video games are features being saved for an eventual DLC pack). If you’re not quick enough on the trigger, possible outcomes include being handed a love letter, getting an unwanted hug and smooch, or being stepped on.

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Along the way, you run into potential girlfriends and apprentice demons. Oh, and also at least one shapely butt…

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…and a tentacle-y carrot monster.

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Then there’s the man character’s special ability to see through walls, and also the girls’ clothes, which rewards him with their measurements and cup size.

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But hey, you could make the argument that a fascination with the female body is perfectly healthy and normal for the young males of Gal Gun Double Peace’s target demographic, even if this isn’t necessarily the most normal way to scratch that itch. That said, it would still be a little awkward to have your mom walk in on you while you’re playing the game, which is why Inti Creates included the Mama Kita Gamen, or the Mom Just Walked In Screen.

For example, let’s say that the course of events have led you to a point where you’re about to get stepped on by a girl dressed in nothing but her bra, panties, and stockings.

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But oh no! Someone’s coming!

No problem. Hit the button for the Mom Just Walked In Screen, and suddenly the on-screen image switches to this:

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Instead of playing a brand-new sexy PlayStation 4 game, the Mom Just Walked In Screen puts up the front of what looks like an RPG from the tail-end of the 8-bit era. Those are even super deformed bitmapped versions of Gal Gun Double Peace’s primary cast of Hodai, Ekoro, Shinobu, and Maya. Just leave it on screen, put on a stoic expression like you’re plotting your next move until your mom leaves the room, and go back to firing phermones (you also might want to have an excuse in mind for when your mom asks why you’re sitting at home playing a 25-year-old game).

Gun Gal Double Peace’s opening

Gal Gun Double Peace comes out for the PlayStation 4 on August 6. There’s also a PlayStation Vita version being released the same day, but gamers should be aware it lacks the Mom Just Walked In Screen, so if you choose the handheld version, you might want to play it literally close to the chest.

Source: Dengeki Online via Jin
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