Having been around since the 1970s, world-renown mouthless cat Hello Kitty is still going strong. In fact, she’s probably even more popular now that she has ever been before. Fans can indulge in nearly anything Hello Kitty-inspired that their hearts desire – from furnishing their entire house with Kitty-chan decor, to enjoying tea and sweets at Hello Kitty cafes, to spending a fun-filled day at the Sanrio theme park in Japan.

And just in case that weren’t enough, fans in Taiwan can now even give birth at an entirely Hello Kitty-decorated maternity clinic.

Even after the first look at the clinic’s home page, where you’re greeted by a wall of pink, you can immediately see that they left nothing to be desired, as far as Ms. Kitty goes.


At the hospital you will find Hello Kitty statues, Hello Kitty decor on the elevator doors, Hello Kitty wallpaper, Hello Kitty sheets and blankets for new baby. There’s no word on whether the Hello Kitty theme extends as far as things like forceps and sweat towels, but then again we’d imagine most women giving birth wouldn’t really notice!


Kitty may have started in Japan, but she has quickly made her way into the hearts (and wallets) of people the world over, and Taiwan certainly did not miss out on the Kitty epidemic. What with a Hello Kitty-themed cafe, and a Hello Kitty room at the five-star Grand Hi Lai Hotel, a Hello Kitty maternity hospital was the next logical step, right?

How many of you would go to this clinic if it were close enough to you?

Sources: Instagram, 皓生醫院
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