One day in Sishui County, Shandong Province, a woman unwrapped some beef that she had bought and was taken aback by what she saw. After recording her lively piece of meat with her phone’s camera, the video was picked up by CCTV who titled it “Nightmarish: woman finds newly-purchased beef pulsating.”

The news site also places a warning that “the images may not be suitable for some viewers.” I on the other hand, would like to encourage everyone to watch.

As the video description points out, despite the beef’s pulsating appearance, experts explain that it’s actually just nerves firing off for the last time before the meat dies altogether.

This was confirmed by numerous comments which explain that, far from some monstrosity, the woman actually got herself a great, super-fresh, cut of beef.

“It’s a sign of freshness.”

“Noobs… It’s freshly butchered, fresh as it can get. Those are the nerves twitching. City dwellers have never seen something die.”

“Pulsating steak, just off the cow. If you don’t hold it down in the frying pan, it will try to escape.”

It’s twerking.

“’The images may not be suitable for some viewers.’ We’re so used to eating processed foods we forgot what actual food looks like. Worse, we despise it.”

However, there were also numerous comments suggesting that this was the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, the meat “looked infested,” or that it was some GMO frankenfood disaster.

This misunderstand certainly sheds some light on the disconnect many people have with where their meat actually comes from. But how did Japanese people – who are slightly more accustomed to the throbbingly fresh food called odorigui (eat while dancing) in extreme cases – react to the news?

“Maybe you’ll get immortality if you eat it.”

“That’s Chinese-made beef right there.”


“Is that even really beef to begin with?”

“That’s damn fresh!”

“It’s like something out of Silent Hill.”

“Beef Odorigui!”


It would appear that even in Japan, many people don’t notice a fresh cut of meat when they see it. So, by all means watch this “disgusting” video and show it to your friends. It’s important to remember where meat comes from, not in an effort to turn people vegetarian, but to show that meat should not be wasted and the animal it comes from raised with the respect it deserves.

Source: YouTube – CCTV via Itai News (Japanese)
Featured GIF image: YouTube – CCTV