Our mothers may have discouraged it, but playing with your food can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Even if it turns out looking kind of a mess, you still get to eat it – and who doesn’t love eating delicious food? But one thing we just can’t get the hang of is pancake art. Luckily for us, these amazing videos are here to show us how it’s done!

Featuring all of our beloved characters from Pikachu to Olaf to Hello Kitty, these videos have got us drooling and ready to start splashing batter everywhere ourselves!

The pancake videos are part of a series by YouTuber Tiger Tomato. Each one features a full-colour pancake rendering of a familiar character. We’re mesmerised by the steady hand of the artist and the perfectly smooth and Instagram-worthy level of presentation devoted to each pancake. Which one is your favourite?



Rainbow Dash!








Finn and Jake!




Hello Kitty!

While we reckon it’s a bit too much fuss to dye batter and decant it into teeny little bottles like that, we have to admit that this is awesome performance art. The intricate line detailing provides a really stunning reverse image. It seems that the artist draws his pancake detailing on a cold hot-plate first (otherwise he’d totally burn his sleeve and probably wind up with a bunch of charred little sticks…) before switching it on at the end and binding the image together into a cooked pancake. Pretty ingenious!

Source: Kotaro 269
Main Image: Screenshot via YouTube – Tiger Tomato