First impressions are very important, not only for people but for products too. A product’s packaging and labels can make or break a deal depending on whether the design and text on it appeals to the consumer. And, as you know, some companies choose to scrimp and save on hiring a professional to handle their translation needs. In many of these cases, the joke’s on them because they end up with hilarious gibberish on their products.

A Japanese Twitter user recently shared a photo of a Chinese product that had Japanese written on its warning label, and the text was so bad we couldn’t even imagine what product that label was supposed to be on! Take a guess and join us after the break!

In many parts of Asia, it’s not unusual to find products with Japanese words on their labels and packaging even if the product wasn’t manufactured in or for Japan. Some makers put Japanese text on their products solely for aesthetic reasons, and others have it there in attempt to reach out to Japanese customers.

There are also unethical manufacturers who deliberately package their products with Japanese descriptions hoping to pass their goods off as Japan-produced items because the Japanese have a good reputation for product innovation and workmanship.

We don’t know why this Chinese product has a cautionary label written in Japanese, but the reason doesn’t matter now because no one can understand the usage instructions on this label anyway. Try guessing what product this is! Just for the record, if the English version below doesn’t make any sense, it’s because we’re translating it as closely to the original text as possible, not because we’ve lost our marbles.

“And Warning Please do not directly contact with a fire

This product is capable of, rapidly, deleting dirt, and maintains the health of skin that promotes the metabolism of complexion.
In order to promote good blood circulation, it can be various mixed with shower liquid soap and other cleansing products of variety.
With long-term use, it restores young skin.
Ski and snowboard cold so I don’t want to go outside.
Deeply analyzing you who had chosen the description of “Outside, a snowman tolerates while freezing without losing to the cold”, is at the end of the past. Your family and parents’ opinions are prioritized and your general.
A snowman tolerates while freezing without losing to the cold.
Look at your partner.
In the future it also seems to be brought up with expectations.”

There are times when you can get the gist of something even if it’s written in broken sentences, but in this case, it’s not so much of a language issue rather than a total confusion. One moment it’s talking about health and beauty, and then it changes it mind and refuses to go outside. The plot thickens when a snowman is mentioned and it starts analysing your past and future. What exactly is this thing?! Here’s how some Twitter users responded to the photo @kidouakio shared.

▼ “It’s unfair that ‘A snowman tolerates while freezing.’ came up twice LOL”

▼ “What exactly is this description for (´・ω・`) I was so bothered by it that I didn’t sleep until 2am and woke up at 10 in the morning. Obviously it’s the reason why I haven’t had enough sleep. Thanks a lot.”

▼ “It’s like some sort of fortune-telling ROFL”

▼ “Is it a fountain of aura?”

▼ “It’s a little late to say this but, it seems to be the cautionary text for a massage towel.”

Ohhh… a massage towel. Of course! That would explain the dirt “deleting” and health promoting properties. But… what’s with the snowman and the future? What do you think it is? If you’ve got any better guesses, take a shot at it in the comments section below!

Source/Image: Twitter (@kidouakio) via Toychan Net