Hey there.

If you’re one of the 2.5 gajillion readers (Mar. 2015 estimate) looking at this article right now on a desktop or laptop, you might want to grab a mobile device and take a walk while reading this time around.

Safely outside? Okay now enjoy this video which shows what might be lurking inside your computer right now.

The video starts with someone pulling off the motherboard of their laptop when… Hello!

A couple of dozen roaches begin scurrying for another dark place to hide. Apparently drawn in by the warmth of the CPU and sprinkling of potato chip crumbs and spilt droplets of Red Bull nearby, cockroaches like to make computers their home. It’s a shocking image, but surely everyone who watches it takes that momentary glance at their own computer setup and wonders.

Of course, the second stage of coping with a possible roach colony in your computer is humor, so on with the “computer bug” puns from YouTube comments!

“Looks like his system’s buggy.”

“He needs to debug.”



Here’s what Japanese viewers who lack similar wordplay had to say.

“That’s actually a big problem in game centers and pachinko parlors.”

“Even in laptops?!”

“This is how Terrafomars starts. They get their knowledge from our computers.”


“I will never open a computer or laptop again.”

“Do cockroaches live in my MacBook Air too?”

[in reply] “Of course they do.”

“They wouldn’t be living in my Wii U. It’s never turned on.”

It pretty shocking stuff, but I found something even more surprising than the possible presence of insects building a working society inside my computer. When French people (I think from the little bit of speaking I can make out) find a bunch of cockroaches, they apparently make a sound exactly like I used to when I played with my GoBots.

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