We’ve seen the Japanese side of the internet praise a lot of girls from different countries for their beauty. There’s been online idols from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and of course plenty in Japan. But one country that has been conspicuously absent is Korea.

Until now. Internet, say hello to the latest girl who’s been melting Japanese hearts online: Yurisa from Korea. Oh, and did we mention she’s a giant otaku too?

Yurisa is a 20-year-old gothic lolita model from Korea who loves posting pictures of her work on her social media accounts. As if that wasn’t enough to get Japanese netizen’s keyboards sweaty already, she’s also a fan of Japanese anime, games, cosplay, and plastic figures. She’s attended several events in Japan as well.

So with that introduction out of the way, let’s get to what you really came here for: pics.

▼ Starting off with a classic, the wide-eyed selfie.

▼ Showing off her Cardcaptor Sakura school uniform cosplay.

▼ Clever use of the selfie stick in place of Sakura’s magic staff.

▼ Some of her gothic lolita work.

▼ And the obligatory Hestia cosplay, though we do have to applaud her for the incredible accuracy on this one.

▼ Just hangin’ out havin’ a tea party.

▼ Fangirling out at a “figurine cafe.”

▼ Putting together a Gundam model of her own.

Yurisa so impressed Japanese netizens with her beauty and hobbies that many were adamant that she “couldn’t possibly be real.” They claimed she had to be photoshopped or something. Well, while we can’t vouch for the above pictures being photoshopped or not, here’re some videos of Yurisa so you can confirm that she is indeed a real human being:

▼ Just casually sipping a drink in a cafe in lolita dress.

▼ You can see her human-ness from a nice, sideways angle too.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself becoming a fan of Yurisa, then feel free to give her a follow on one of her social media outlets below. We can’t promise it’s not a robot updating her pages, but somehow we doubt most people will mind one way or the other.

Source: Facebook, Twitter (@baby_yurisa), Sina Weibo, 17173.com
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