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So far we’ve seen depictions of popular video game series Street Fighter through cosplay, in classrooms, and even re-imagined on Sesame Street. But what about getting back to the basics of the game, and honing your fighting skills for when “a new challenger appears”?

YouTube channel fouseyTUBE takes to the streets, or rather some elevators, to do just that. There’s just one catch – that new challenger might be you!

Fousey is a self-proclaimed comedian, social commentator, actor, and of course YouTuber. He started vlogging under the channel fouseyTUBE in 2001, and his near-weekly updates of videos that give people something to smile, think, or feel warm and fuzzy about quickly shot him to YouTube fame.

His newest prank Street Fighter elevator prank video, just released last week, already has over 5,000,000 views.

So what would you do if you found yourself trapped inside an elevator with an angry Ryu or Chun-Li? Would you:

A.) Freak out
B.) Hit on them
C.) Have a good laugh
D.) All of the above

Looks like this round of prank victims chose “all of the above”. Check it out below!

▼ “Don’t talk to me.”

▼ Better think twice before trying to hit on Chun-Li! No scrubs!

Don’t worry, even if you’re not a fan of Street Fighter, FouseyTUBE still has you covered. Check out the original version of his Mortal Kombat elevator prank here.

Source: YouTube
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