Zoos like to put up panels in front of enclosures to help visitors learn more about the animals that they see. However, traditional panels with their dry scientific explanations often go overlooked.

That’s why Tokyo Zoo has, in an effort to teach the masses more effectively, come up with new message panels that pack a little more punch. Get ready to meet Senpai Mole as he teaches kids about his species…by yelling at them.

It’s clear that Tokyo Zoo had achieved their desired impact when one of their signs managed to get over 16,000 retweets. In the sign, Senpai Mole answers children’s questions. However, being a senpai (senior student) rather than a sensei (teacher), this mole isn’t bound by rules of etiquette and tells it like it is.

Teach me, Senpai Mole!

Child: Do moles really die when sunlight hits them?

Senpai Mole: “We don’t die, gyah!! That’s just because people happen to see dead moles above ground. We’re really fast in tunnels underground but on the surface we get attacked by stupid crap like cats. I mean, come on! You can’t see dead moles underground, can you?!
Even underground, we’ve died, man.”

Granted, that was a bit of an ignorant question surrounding the delicate topic of death. You can almost forgive Senpai Mole for flying of the handle a little. Let’s see how he reacts to another child’s question.

Teach me, Senpai Mole!

Child: Are mole tunnels all completely connected?

Senpai Mole: They don’t connect. Jeez!! If they were all connected there would be a huge brawl. We moles protect our turf and if some punk comes into my territory, he won’t be getting up!! All tunnels are on their own. Got that?

See! If a kid asks a reasonable question then Senpai Mole directs his unquenchable rage at his enemies rather than the person talking to him that moment.

Despite his gruff demeanor, people are by and large amused with his harsh lessons.

“Senpai Mole’s really easy to piss off.”

“Senpai, scold me.”

“I like the tsundere type like Senpai Mole. I bet he’s nice to older ladies who ask questions.”

“I wanna be like that mole.”

Yes, with his no-nonsense attitude and cute little sunglasses it’s hard not to love Senpai Mole. Tune in next time when some unsuspecting kid has the gall to ask him if moles really are blind.

Source: Twitter – @TokyoZooNet_PR, Tokyo Zoo Net, My Game News Flash (Japanese)