Last week, America celebrated the legalisation of gay marriage following the Supreme Court ruling recognising same-sex unions. Meanwhile in Japan, other celebrations of a very different kind were going on– Japan’s first ever robot wedding! Yes, that’s right, two Japanese robots said I do and tied the knot.

Here’s a photo of the happy couple.


“But wait a minute, I only see one robot!” you’re probably thinking. This wasn’t a robot and human getting married, though, but indeed two robots getting hitched. Frois, the groom, is the clunky ’80s-looking robot complete with black bow tie, whereas the rather human-looking bride whose name is Yukirin, is in fact, also a robot. She is an android version of Yuki Kashiwagi, a singer from idol group AKB48.

The matrimonial ceremony was everything you would expect from a robot wedding. The bride was wheeled down the aisle (as was the groom for that matter), there was cake, more robots, entertainment, a buffet, and the marriage was even sealed with a kiss (albeit assisted by a human).

The artistic unit behind, what is believed to be, the world’s first robot wedding is Maywa Denki, two brothers who are described as “parallel-world electricians” on their website. They are an electronics outfit who make eclectic and nonsensical toys, musical instruments and other inventions including Frois the groom, in addition to being wedding planners for robots.

Attendance was limited to those who were lucky enough to score tickets to this once-only event (assuming the marriage lasts and there’s no need for Frois and Yukirin to have a second wedding in the future).


Unfortunately for these two robots, their marriage wasn’t legally binding. Not surprisingly, you’re going to need to be human to get legally married in Japan.

To Frois and Yukirin, may they have a long and prosperous marriage, until short circuit do they part.

Source: RT h/t Kotaku US
Top image: YouTube/RT
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