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Disney’s beautiful animated creation Tangled is a film that is still much-loved by fans, despite almost five years having passed since its release. Well, if you’re one such fan, you’ll be delighted to know that you can express the bond you share with your special loved one with a line of jewelry that’s just as golden and radiant as Rapunzel’s luxuriant hair. Yes, we think you’ll love the gorgeous line of wedding and engagement rings inspired by the film!

The new line of Tangled-themed rings, which was recently released from jewelry shop K. Uno, looks stunning and is full of exquisite detail sure to elicit many “oohs” and “aahs” of delight.

▼From left to right: the men’s wedding ring (100,000 yen [US$814]), the ladies’ wedding ring (80,000 yen [$650]), and the engagement ring (389,800 yen [$3,167]). The wedding rings went on sale in May, and the engagement ring was just released on June 27.


▼Here’s the new engagement ring up-close.ring close-up 2

Several details on the engagement ring make its design unique. First, the band of the ring is intricately designed to recreate the look and texture of Rapunzel’s gorgeous hair.

Secondly, the face of the ring features a central diamond plus six colorful stones that symbolize the magical feel of the world in which the story of Tangled takes place. The stones consist of two treated blue diamonds, two treated yellow diamonds and two pink sapphires.

Thirdly, the hole on the inside of the ring, placed to let light through the central diamond, is decorated with a motif of the magical golden sun flower that plays an important part in the story.

▼ The hidden but stylish design on the inside of the ring.


▼ There’s also actually another line of Tangled rings that came out before the recently added collection, which as you can see in the picture below, is just as dazzling. From left to right: the men’s wedding ring (108,100 yen [US$878]), the ladies’ wedding ring (88,000 yen [$715]), and the engagement ring (587,200 yen [$4,770]) ring2

The rings are available at K. Uno shops in Japan and on their online shop, and the good news is that they do ship overseas. Plus, you can even choose the language in which you want to view the site, which we’re sure is a big help to international shoppers.

If your loved one has a soft spot for Disney princesses (and what girl doesn’t really, in her hearts of hearts?), then maybe you need to look no further for the perfect engagement and wedding ring!

Source:K. Uno online shopPR TIMES press release (Japanese)
Original Article by: Yayoi Saginomiya ©Pouch
Photos: K. Uno online shopPR TIMES press release; partially edited by RocketNews24  

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