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It’s no secret that Japan and China don’t like each other very much. So when the official government news channel in China aired a segment discussing Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, it comes as no surprise that there would be some exaggerations.

However, one exaggeration was too huge to just let slip by. While the news broadcast was showing videos of Japan’s aircraft and ships, one image of a giant Gundam mech somehow snuck into the mix. Those Chinese reporters are probably going to want to double-check their source on that one.

According to Japans TBS News, on June 30, the official state-run Chinese Central Television broadcast a special segment on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty. One part of the segment included a discussion on the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, while showing videos of Japan’s weapons.

At first it seems perfectly normal….

▼ Yes, yes, helicopters and such. Okay, nothing to see-

chinese news gundam 01


chinese news gundam 02

▼ No, wait! Go back to that last image! Go back!

chinese news gundam 03

You can watch the full video here. The magic happens around 0:18, and it’s only for a second, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

So… yeah. Someone either messed up or was having a bit of fun at work there. Far from any Japanese “military” footage, the video of the Gundam apparently came from this Cup Noodle commercial:

For once we get a rare opportunity to hear from Chinese netizens, who were all of course (sarcastically) shaking in their boots with fear of Japan’s mighty weapons:

“Oh my god! Japan really does have Gundams!”
“We can never beat them! We surrender!”
“…wow. CCTV is a bunch of idiots.”

Of course this news didn’t stay hidden from Japan for long. Aside from mostly everyone trying to contain themselves with laughter, some actual members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces chimed in with their opinions:

“Even if we had Gundams, I don’t think they’d be that useful in battle.”
“They’d just crush the cities we were trying to protect in the first place.”

Come on, China. Get with the times. Everyone knows that Japan’s real terrifying strength isn’t Gundams anymore, it’s this:

▼ “Surrender, senpai! Or you’ll wish you never noticed me!

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Source: TBS News via Hachima Kiko and Itai News
Images: YouTube (xbatusai)