I think we can all agree that hamsters are pretty darn cute. From their tiny little schnozzles to their fluffy bums, you just gotta love these roly-poly little critters. But did you know that this very rotundness puts hamsters ask risk?

Consider the case of Haru, whose relaxing afternoon snooze ended in disaster!

Haru’s owner, a caricature artist from Chiba, posted this video to Vine with the caption, “Actually, I had 45 seconds of video, but…! Here’s the conclusion of Haru-kun’s nap.”

Poor Haru! Just trying to catch a few winks when his squeezable chubbiness sends him rolling into a tube!

No doubt a rude awakening and a mortifying memory for Haru, but on the plus side, I think his cute little hamster ‘tocks have the makings of an internet star. Perhaps this is actually his big break!

Top image: Keith Pomakis / Wiki Commons