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You never know what you’re going to get with a fashion show. You might get some genuinely interesting designs or even a radical new garment altogether that, with a little polishing, could actually end up on hangers in stores a few years later. Or, you might get a head-to-toe body suit made entirely out of rubber baby bottle teats, or a fully nude man wearing a propeller beanie, or something that you would actually expect Lady Gaga to be wearing at that very moment.

What we’re saying is, the fashion world can be pretty hit and miss, and it can be tough to draw the line between design genius and flamboyant designers just trolling the audience for laughs. Which is why we’re so conflicted about these awesome… no, stupid… wait, no, brilliant… Japan-inspired designs from New York-based designer, Thom Browne.

Now, before you fashionistas jump into the comments section to tear us apart for being uncultured plebeians, yes, we know that the whole point of a fashion show is for designers to really cut loose with their most fanciful designs – stuff that really pushes the limits of creativity and isn’t necessarily intended to be actually worn out on the street – but that didn’t stop our first reaction upon seeing these designs from being a series of confused grunts.

But that’s not to say it didn’t eventually click. In fact, upon further inspection (and suppressing the occasional confused grunt), the outfits make a lot of sense, from the kimono-inspired cuts to the prints and patterns featuring Japanese motifs such as samurai, cranes and tea houses. The male models are even sporting white and red face paint like the geisha of old, and those awesome wooden platform sandals (actually called geta).

The more you look at the designs, the cooler they start to become. In fact, after a few minutes of perusing through the below photos, we found ourselves mildly, kind of, maybe if we were drunk, a little interested in maybe buying a pair of the suit pants or something.

Are these actually kind of awesome, or is the heat getting to us?

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Photos: Official Facebook Page