Cats love small spaces, so it may come as no surprise to see this cute feline looking content as it takes a catnap in this bucket.

Of course, if you’re a an avid cat blogger, it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed to add a towel to make it look like your kitty is relaxing in its very own personal bath.

This is just one of the many cute cat compilation videos you’ll find on the Kago Neko BLOG (Basket Cat Blog) YouTube channel, and reminds us of the kitten taking first bath in a tiny cup clip we posted about before, only without any actual water.

Feel bad for the other cats waiting in line? Don’t worry, everybody gets a turn!

For our readers with a cat, towel, and bucket at home it might be pretty easy replicate, so long as your cat is the type that likes to nap in small spaces. And if your cat is feeling game, be sure to post some pictures for us in the comments!

Source: Curazy, YouTube (1, 2, 3)
Top/Insert images: YouTube