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Cat owners might notice that their beloved pets often carry themselves with a certain air of importance and superiority. It really can’t be helped when they watch us serve them food, scratch their itches, and dispose of their bodily waste, day in day out.

So if your feline is feeling a little full of itself lately, try showing it this video of a cute kitten trying – and failing – to take a drink from a faucet which was posted on Twitter recently. It ought to take them down a peg or two.

“If you listen to this with an iPhone volume of about 7, you’ll feel refreshed like you were listening to a crystal clear stream in Nagano. Then watch the movie and feel refreshed in a different way! It’s two joys in one! Awesome!”

Yes the little guy just can’t seem to get a good angle on that stream of water. Then again, it has been a tad humid these days, maybe he was just cooling down while getting an occasional drink.

Either way it’s a delightfully cute spectacle for humans, but a blow to the dignity with which cats often carry themselves. Here’s what some viewers had to say.

“Stupid cute!”
“That really is relaxing to watch and listen to.”
“Agh, I just died.”
“Oh, that’s so freaking cute.”

This cat, named Nagomu, already had a bounty on his head for disgracing the cat community (an act punishable by death unless extenuating circumstances such as a laser pointer are involved) with a similar attempt to drink from the faucet and even sillier results posted onto a Twitter feed that he shares with another cat last week.

However, Nagomu feels that he has made considerable improvements in his technique as evidenced by these videos, and will continue to try until he doesn’t look stupid anymore. Until then he’ll just have to keep looking over his shoulder.

Source: Twitter – @Kinagomu706 via Hamusoku (Japanese)