A set of infographics claiming to show differences between Hong Kong and China has been attracting attention online – much of it negative.

The striking images, which were created by a Hong Kong artist and posted to the Facebook page of Local Studio HK (本土工作室), cover topics such as cultural differences, politics, habits and censorship. As you might expect, it’s ruffled more than a few feathers.

▼ The images compare Hong Kong and mainland China in ways that show Hong Kong and its people favourably.

▼ Many of the comparisons seem a little arbitrary, though.

▼ Some show cultural differences.

▼ But one language being “older” than another doesn’t make it better.

▼ “Hong Kong is not China”, the series asserts.

▼ We’re pretty sure these kinds of comparisons aren’t the best way to prove that, though.

▼ International perspectives also came in for criticism.

▼ Some images in the series did find approval and recognition with Facebook commenters.

▼ But, as some were quick to point out, many of the illustrations are out-and-out insults.

▼ Some things, however, are more alike than they are different.

According to Shanghaiist, the anonymous artist said the series was created to “mourn the fact that Hong Kong has been ‘colonised’ by mainland China” and “tell the world about the differences between Hongkongers and Chinese people”.

The problem with stereotypes, as we’ve seen before, is they have huge potential to offend. But if the artist’s intention was to draw attention to their arguments and to provoke debate – well, they’ve certainly achieved that.

Source: Facebook via Shanghaiist
Featured image: Facebook