Rachel and Jun are a Japanese-American couple who make informative and adorable videos about their life together in Japan. Recently, they visited Kitsune Mura – aka Fox Village – which is home to around 100 adorable and friendly foxes which you can play with for only 1,000 yen.

“I can’t even believe a place like this exists,” gushed Rachel, (who visited the park along with some fellow YouTuber friends), and we have to agree – but luckily for us, they all made several videos all about their trip!

Japan’s fairly well stuffed with fabulous foxes, but you’re less likely to see one trotting around than you are in, say, London. Nevertheless, foxes are an important animal in Japan in that they feature heavily in folklore and mythology. Even so, it’s rare to be able to approach and pet one. At Kitsune Mura, it’s literally an all-you-can-pet scenario since the park is simply one big foxy playground, with around 100 of the adorable fluffy critters running loose, basking, snoozing, and basically living it up in a protected environment.

Check out the videos!

Rachel and Jun were also joined by YouTuber Sharla in Japan, who made her own video of the foxy action:

As well as YouTuber Abroad in Japan, who made another:

▼ We can’t get over all the fuzziness and those adorable little fox squeals/cries!

We also can’t believe how friendly and domesticated the foxies are! Since many were born and raised in captivity, Rachel notes that they behave more like domestic dogs than wild animals. Clearly they’re very well taken care of at the park and you can see how they all look healthy and well-fed, as well as more than happy to interact with human visitors.

▼ Especially when they have fox food!

If you’re interested in visiting Fox Village for yourself (yes, we know you are!) Here’s the details:

Zao Fox Village (Miyagi Zao Kitsune Mura)
11-3 Kawarago, Fukuokayatsumiya
Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi-ken 989-0733 Japan

▼ These foxy buddies are waiting to chew on your camera lens cap!

Don’t forget to check out Rachel and Jun’s YouTube channel for more awesome videos like this!

Source: Rachel and Jun via Kotaro269
(additional: Sharla in Japan and Abroad in Japan)

Images: Screenshots via YouTube – Rachel and Jun