Just how far are you willing to go to transform into your favorite childhood superhero?

Meet Herbert Chavez, who has, in fact, undergone 23 surgeries to effectively become a living version of the Man of Steel himself–or as he puts it, the “Man of Plastic.” But despite the celebrity status that comes along with being the alter-ego of a real-life Clark Kent, do the benefits really outweigh the risks?

A native of Calamba, Philippines, Chavez grew up emulating Christopher Reeve in the classic Superman films, making it his lifelong dream to become the comic book character’s biggest fan in the world. So far, it looks like he’s making very well on that promise–Chavez has been in the Guinness Book of World Records since 2012 for owning the world’s largest collection of Superman memorabilia.

▼ Take that, Thai Batman enthusiast!

▼ Some of his treasures, which occupy an entire house

Of course, when you’re the super-mega-I’m-not-messing-around type of fan that Chavez is, it’s not good enough to just collect mountains of merchandise. You have to live, breathe, and be the Man of Steel himself. To that end, Chavez has undergone 23 plastic surgeries over the course of 18 years, including liposuction, jaw realignment, rhinoplasties, and even skin lightening procedures costing a grand total of over 300,000 Philippine pesos (US$6,653).

Let’s take a look at how those surgeries have since transformed him:

▼ Here he is without any costume or face makeup.

▼ He first wore blue contacts given to him by a friend at the age of 16.

▼ A short video clip of Chavez from September 2013

After 23 surgeries already, how in the world does he know when to stop? Well, the short answer is that perhaps he doesn’t.

Chavez appeared on an episode of the American reality TV series Botched late last month. His goal this time around was to finally get Superman’s legendary “abs of steel” with the help of the show’s two resident plastic surgeons, but things didn’t go quite as he had planned. Upon learning that Chavez had been injecting himself with MesoLipo, a controversial ab-filler, the doctors refused to perform the surgery and said that he would be better off hitting the gym if he really wants to get Superman’s famous abs of steel.

▼ A promotional clip of Chavez on Botched

Despite his disappointment at not getting the abdominal surgery, Chavez does explain why his transformation into Superman has become such an important of his life. We’ll leave you now with his words from the clip above to ponder during your daily meditation time:

“I like to show to the people, especially the children of the Philippines, that I’m here. Superman is real. What I want is to give them is inspiration. Because I’m not rich to donate thousand [sic] of peso for the children but what I can give is happiness.”

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Featured image: Facebook (Herbert Chavez) (Edited by RocketNews24)