We’ve heard that too many cooks spoil the broth, but we’ve never heard of anyone complaining about having too many cosplaying dogs, especially not when they’re as adorable as these happy pooches.

Cosplaying Shiba Inu, and there’s two of them to boot. Need we say more? More pictures after the jump!

Yokohama-residing Japanese Twitter user C_Suzuki (@C_S0325) has been bringing joy to Twittersphere with daily photos of their adorable Shiba Inu duo, S and H.

▼ The smaller sized beauty with more prominent shades of brown framing her face is H, and S is the happy boy with the fairer face.

Suzuki shares plenty of photos of S and H having their daily dose of fun around the house, during their walks, and every once in a while, decked in creative costumes that range from famous characters to random objects and themes. The duo seems to be very cooperative, and are always posed primly for their adorable cosplay shots!

▼ Super Shiba!

▼ Bat…shiba?

▼ Naruto and the giant shuriken.

▼ Astro Boy

▼ Arale-chan

▼ Gundam(?)

▼ Komasan and Komajirou from Youkai Watch

Gegege no Kitaro

▼ Luffy and Chopper from One Piece

Death Note and… Ryuk?

▼ The cutest cherries we’ve ever seen.

▼ Instant yakisoba doggies!!

▼ A ninja and a secret scroll. We can’t decide which is more epic.

▼ Dressed as Orihime and Hikoboshi to celebrate Tanabata.

S and H look absolutely adorable in their creative costumes, but we think that the lovely duo ultimately look their best when they’re having fun outdoors! See more of their pictures on Twitter!

Source/Featured images: Twitter (@C_S0325) via Game Over