Sweet corn is now in season in Japan! Grilled or boiled, it’s juicy, sweet and delightful — and guess what? Humans aren’t the only ones crazy about the golden yellow vegetable.

Yes, some of our furry little friends are also passionate corn lovers, at least from what we can see in this video we found which we hope will satisfy your cute quota for the day, or even the week! Seriously, who would have thought that a simple video of a chipmunk eating corn could be so devastatingly adorable?

chipmunk 2

Now, you’d think there are already enough videos out there of cute animals doing…well, cute things, but after seeing this video shared by YouTube user bikke the chip, we have to say that really doesn’t seem to be the case here. Nope, we’re pretty sure there can never be too many cute animal videos in this world,  and we love every one of them!

The video in question, which has been getting much love from Internet users, features pet chipmunks Bikke (who also looks adorable stretching, by the way) and Tod, and as far as we can see, the rodents mean serious business — which for them involves looking adorable while frantically munching on corn!

Yes, that corn must be awfully delicious for the critters to be munching non-stop at such a rapid pace. In fact, they’re devouring the corn with such speed that it almost looks like the video is on fast forward!

And as you might expect, the overwhelming sentiment among viewers of the video was  that it was simply too kawaii, with comments such as the following being posted in response.

“Oooohhhh … this is too adorable!”

“Very cute! I want to see them eat more!”

“Bikke and Tod look so sweet when they’re busy eating. I love them so much!”

chipmunk 3

Seriously, how can the chipmunks look so irresistibly darling when all they’re doing is the simple act of eating corn? And yet they manage to pull off exactly that, and we can’t help falling in love with the images in the video. In fact, the sight of the small furry guys gives us such delight that we found ourselves wanting to play the video over and over again (with what we hope isn’t a stupid-looking grin on our face) just to be able to oohhh and aahhh to our hearts’ content.

And one more thing — you may want to check out which grocery stores near you sell quality corn, because once you’ve seen this video, chances are you’re going to be seriously craving some of it. And if, like us,  you need more kawaii in your life, you can see other videos starring the chipmunks on bikke the chip’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Source and images: YouTube (bikke the chip)
Original article by: Aoi Kuroneko ©Pouch
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