I don’t have kids myself, but I’m at an age when a lot of people around me are having their first child. Boy, does it look stressful!

Even something as natural as breastfeeding brings up a whole host of worries. Am I making enough milk? Is he latching on correctly? Am I nursing too much? Not enough? Am I eating the right foods? Why won’t he stop crying?!

It’s enough to make a new mother want to cry herself, but perhaps they can find comfort in the idea that maybe other species get overwhelmed too.

Check out this picture posted on Twitter with the caption “Just drink it! ٩(ΦωΦ)۶”

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.26.06 PMVia Hamster Sokuhou

That is the look of a frazzled mama if ever I have seen one. It’s almost like she’s throwing her hands up in defeat. I’m pretty sure I would too with quadruplets!

I can only give her the same encouragement I give overwhelmed homo sapiens mothers: Hang in there, mama! You’ve got this.

H/T Hamster Sokuhou
Top image: Desktopas
Featured/insert image: @ninetail

Edit: Thanks to reader Gabrielle for pointing out our slight misreading of the tweet’s use of “吸い”