We recently revealed news of a Hello Kitty movie in the pipeline, which in turn made us wonder if there would ever be a Pokémon live-action movie. There’s already a series of Pokémon animated movies, and with such a huge following, it would make sense to release a live-action version bringing all of the franchise’s beloved characters to life.

It would make for impressive entertainment for children and adults alike, and a live-action movie with real actors and suited characters would like something like this.

pokemon friends

These images are in fact from a commercial advertising the Nintendo DS game: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. Instead of relying on CGI, the producers went to the trouble of creating actual costumes for the various Pokémon characters. It’s not as cheesy as we thought it might have been, and shows that a live-action version could potentially  work, although the stunts might be a tricky in those bulky costume suits.

pokemon group

group characters

Would a live-action version of Pokémon do the characters justice? What do you think?

Source: YouTube/PokemonCoJp via Kotaku US
Images: YouTube/PokemonCoJp