Portuguese celebrity soccer/football player Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to the bizarre side of Japan. And usually, he’s a real trooper about it. Whatever you may think of the man, you can’t deny that he’s done some pretty amazing things while in Japan, and has won the hearts of all soccer fans all over the country.

Except for the most recent event he’s participated in. Ronaldo attended a small concert broadcast on Japanese TV, and he was not looking thrilled about it at all. Just how miserable was he – and how miserable was the concert too? Watch the video after the jump and find out!

Here’s the video of one song from the concert. The title of the program is: “Songs to Make C. Ronaldo Feel Japan-isized!” I think it’s safe to say they accomplished their goal.

Naturally, Japan’s Twitter users couldn’t help noticing how unimpressed the soccer star looked.

▼ (Ronaldo’s thoughts) “I wonder what they’re saying…”


▼ “Ronald, just bear through it, the Japanese music is almost over lol”

We think it’s safe to say Ronaldo wasn’t a fan. He even tweeted a clip from another part of the program, giving his own opinion on his level of excitement:


Thankfully Japanese netizens were sympathetic to his plight of being caught in a less-than-enthralling situation, and they offered their support online:

“Why would they even make him attend this? It’s just nonsense.”
“Wow this show is awful.”
“What are they even singing? I don’t understand half the lyrics….”
“Are they trying to get him to join the band so he can wave around the towel during concerts?”

Now there’s an idea, Japan! Maybe Ronaldo was just sad he couldn’t dance and sing along. Next time, invite the guy up on stage to spin his towel around. Then you’ll get a smile out of him for sure.

Source: YouTube (bestgood) & Twitter (@Cr7Prince4ever) via My Games News Flash
Featured/top image: ©RocketNews24