Cut Video’s 100 Years of Beauty series has been updated with a new video focusing on Russian beauty trends. In the popular video series, we see one model transformed by a team of makeup artists into a woman representing different historical eras from the 1910s to the 2010s, all set to a great soundtrack.

It’s not just fun to see how makeup and hair trends have changed through the ages, it also serves as a lens through which to look and learn about a society at different periods in its history. The social conditions of a country are reflected in its people and the trends of the time, and Russia is particularly interesting due to its wildly fluctuating political situation which led to big changes from decade to decade.

Watch as model Anya Zaytseva – who is absolutely gorgeous to start with, I might add – takes you on a tour through 100 years of Russian history via female beauty trends.

▼ 100 Years of Beauty – Episode 8: Russia (Anya).

▼ Starting off with sweet, natural makeup in the early 1900s.


▼ Following the Russian Revolution women favoured dark eyes and a more decadent look for a while.


▼ Simple and barefaced with a head kerchief now that the Soviet Union is well and truly established and Joseph Stalin is in power.


▼ Luxurious style with bold red lips and sparkling accessories.


▼ Wiping off the lipstick and putting on a military cap for the Second World War.


▼ Experimenting with fun new hair and makeup styles.


▼ The trends during this period are surprisingly similar around the world.


▼ A relaxed style and a furry kubanka hat, which was a fashionable and much-coveted accessory for Russian women.


▼ Can’t escape the ’80s hair.


▼ Back to a more natural and matte look.


▼ Glossy lips and a smokey eye herald the transition into the 21st century.


▼ Makeup is becoming more intense again.


▼ The balaclava represents the Pussy Riot demonstrations, although some Russian commenters have contested how popular the band and their movement is in their own country.


▼ You can view the entire playlist of the 100 Years of Beauty series below.

After looking back at how female beauty trends have changed over the years in Russia, what do you think the next few decades are going to bring? Do you expect makeup to become heavier or lighter? Will ’80s hair make a comeback? (Please, no!) Of course, no one can predict the future, but it’s fun to contemplate! Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Source, images: YouTube/Cut Video
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