Moving into a new house with strangers can be an intimidating experience. There they are, sizing you up, judging the state of your fur and paws, wondering if you’re going to be the kind of pup who keeps their home clean or turns it into a pigsty. Even worse is when the current residents didn’t exactly get a say in your arrival. It’s enough to make you cower in your doggy cage.

Which is what happened when this adorable puppy found herself the newest resident in a house full of skeptical Munchkin cats!

If you remember, we’ve delighted over the exploits of this particular family of Munchkin cats before. We’ve seen them relaxing and at play – even taking a dip in the family tub! But now their little lives have been turned upside down by the arrival of a rambunctious black and white pup!

Nana the pup can be seen chewing placidly on the bars of her cage, seemingly unconcerned by the excessive curiosity of the clowder of cats. (Hey, did you know that another collective noun for a group of cats is a “glare”? Seems apt in this case!)

We hope the poor pup manages to integrate smoothly into their group! She’s clearly got the Munchkins’ attention! Perhaps they’ll go easy on her since she’s the only girl. (Cats with ginger fur are almost always male, just like Calico and Tortoiseshell cats are almost always female. Sign up now for the RocketNews24 Daily Cat Facts newsletter!)

▼ Just look at those huge, terrified eyes!

We’ll be keeping our eyes glued to the Munchkins’ owner’s YouTube account to see how well little Nana integrates into the group of felines. And we won’t be surprised if they get a few more subscribers either!

Source: NariNari, YouTube – StudioSinga
Images: Screenshots via YouTube – Studio Singa