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What was the last really creative music video you remember seeing? While watching artists sing, dance, and play their instruments never seems to get old, it’s nice to see something more unique once in a while.

Enter Sasanomaly and his new video for his cover of Hatsune Miku‘s “Synesthesia Ghost.” Not only is it a fresh idea, it’s very cool, kind of creepy and involves art students from Prague!

▼ Get ready for some paper marionette magic.

Sasanomaly is an utaite, someone who covers songs and posts them on the Japanese video streaming website Nico Nico Douga. Sometimes, these artists become pretty popular and make a name for themselves. Sasanomoly has actually made two names for himself. When singing in his natural voice, he goes by Sasanomoly, however, when he self-produces his voice into vocaloid, he goes by Neko Bolo.

▼ Sasanomaly makes a paper appearance in the video.

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When looking to make a video for his soon-to-be-released cover of “Synesthesia Ghost” (also known as “Kyoukankaku Obake“), Sasanomaly recruited the help of Atsushi Makino. Makino then turned to UMPRUM, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, to fulfill his plans.

▼ We’ve never seen a video quite like this one!

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The video consists almost entirely of paper marionette puppets dancing, walking and otherwise awing us with their life-like movements. While the hands of the puppeteers are visible throughout the video, it only adds an increased sense of amazement that it’s not being done with computer graphics. Pretty cool.

▼ No shame in showing the handiwork.

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We applaud Atsushi Makino for his creative music video design and UMPRUM for executing it so beautifully. We look forward to more unique music videos in the future!

▼ It was kind of creepy though.

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Also, keep an eye out for Sasanomaly’s new album, to be released on July 22, 2015.

Source: Digital DJ Network Japan
Images: YouTube/Sasano Maly