On July 16, Batman: Arkham Knight will finally be released for the PS4 in Japan. This game is unlike its other Batman: Arkham series predecessors in that it will be dubbed into Japanese.

A new commercial for the game starring actor Takayuki Yamada just began airing this past Sunday. We thought we’d share it with you since the video includes all kinds of dorkly fun that makes the snot-nosed, starry-eyed five-year-olds inside of us weep for joy.

This gem of a commercial is sure to go down in history as being one of the most ridiculously awesome Batman ads in the history of Gotham City and Japanese salarymen everywhere. Take a peek at the epicness below:

The scene is of two men, Yamada and his coworker, at a Japanese izakaya restaurant after another day of drudgery at the office. Yamada lets on that he’s been quite addicted to a PS4 game recently. His coworker replies, “It’s that Batman one, right?” and Yamada turns to him in disbelief.

▼ “How did you know?”


▼ Dude, it’s kind of obvious.


His coworker goes on to say that Yamada’s become a little too obsessed as of late. We don’t know about you guys, but dressing up in full Bat-gear with a Batman action figure tucked into our belts is just another Friday at the office for us.


Yamada gushes with excitement about being able to fly and do other bat-things in the game, almost poking a fellow bar-goer’s eye out:


“You stand out too much, would you please just quit it with the cosplay?” laments his colleague. Big mistake.

▼ “It’s not cosplay.”




Yep, don’t mess with this salaryman. We can’t wait to see how other “Battaku” react when the game is finally released in Japan this Thursday.

▼ For the full game-playing experience, make sure you have a fan and your Cape ready for action!



Source/Images: Facebook (PlayStation Japan)