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Generally, 50 is not the age at which models will release a solo photo collection of themselves posing in various states of undress. As unfair as it is, there simply don’t seem to be a lot of people willing to pose for the camera in skimpy clothes at that age — probably because most 50-year-olds have better stuff to do with their time. Like yell at the kids on their lawn.

But Candy Law isn’t exactly your average 50-year-old, which is probably why she’s just released a new photobook of herself all dolled up. She’s not only proven she’s capable of moving copies, she’s also proven to be extremely popular online. We’ll allow you to recover from your shock at that news before heading below to see some, um, samples of her work.

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Though her English name makes her sound like a Tekken character, Candy Law isn’t a fighter as a far as we know. Though we suspect she might be able to stop a fight with a smile — or start one.

▼ Damnit, Candy, that’s how wars get started!

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Widely loved in Asia, Candy was crowned the winner of the Miss Asia Pageant in 1991, and she apparently has been busy off and on since then. Part of her fame likely stems from the fact that she’s had three kids, but still looks like a college student.

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Of course, it would be a mistake to write her off as just a pretty face. Like many successful models, she’s hard-working and has been raising her youngest kid as a single mother since getting divorced two years ago. Though she’s also done some acting, she apparently took a break from the entertainment industry for a while after having children.

▼ Candy, her sons, and her mother

▼ Posing with her new book

There’s no questioning that Candy is back though. Her photo collection apparently sold out its first printing of 3,000 copies in Hong Kong!

While we applaud her industrious spirit, we also can’t imagine how awkward it must be to have an international model as your mother. We bet their friends love coming over for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch…


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