We’ve rambled in detail and at length before about how there’re lots of words in Japanese that kinda sound like English. But it turns out that anime songs can be a gold mine of hilarious aural misinterpretations for English-speakers with lyrics that, while totally innocuous in Japanese, sound absolutely hysterical to some listeners who aren’t proficient in the language.

A video showcasing a few of the best has recently surfaced on YouTube, and we’ve been spitting coffee on our keyboards each time we rewatch it. It’s just TOO funny! Warning: this post (and the video itself) contain some very naughty, NSFW (misheard) language!

The video features anison (anime song) lyrics from popular series such as Death Note, Attack on Titan, Chobits, and more. While some of the lyrics are actually just English with a strong Japanese pronunciation, others are actually quite serious in Japanese, which makes it all the more hilarious. Check out the video below!

Here’s some of the misheard lyrics, with their original Japanese, and real meaning underneath!

EF 1

1. “I buy sausage!” from Lucky Star

Japanese: “Aimai surii senchi

Real meaning: “Vaguely three centimetres”

EF 2

2. “Meet a mega-bear. A cool donut car goat. White koala. My mommy.” from Sword Art Online

Japanese: “Mitometeita okubyou na kako ni wakaranai mama ni

Real meaning: “Uncomprehending a past of acknowledged weakness”

EF 3

3. “Wankeeeer!” from Kantai Collection

Japanese: “Uei ankaa!

Real meaning: “Weigh anchor”

EF 4

4. “Shit on Dad” from Angel Beats

Japanese: “Shitanda

Real meaning: “I did it!”

EF 5

5. “You won’t take me to Korea. You turn on my dick” from Attack on Titan

Japanese: “Ryoute ni gurooria, uta no wa ziiku

Real meaning: “Gloria in both hands, singing Zeke”

EF 6

6. “Let me pee with you” from Chobits

Japanese: “Retto mii bii uizu yuu

Real meaning: “Let me be with you”

EF 7

7. “Sons of Bitches!” from Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

Japanese:” Sanchi pinchi

Real meaning: “Sanity level in trouble”

EF 8

8. “Lots of Frozen Pie! Home Security! We’re on a diet now!” from Death Note

Japanese: “WHAT’S UP Fuanzai ippai hanzai kienai urami ni wana dare down

Real meaning: “What’s up? Who’s down, full of worry,  caught in the regret of crimes that won’t disappear?”

Have you ever heard something in an anime song that sounded a little… strange to you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube – AzukanoAMVs via Yurukuyaru

Images: Screenshots via YouTube – AzukanoAMVs