Fandom is a double-edged sword, we suppose. On the one hand, it helps move massive amounts of money to the people and companies that create awesome things we love, thus allowing them to make more of them. On the other hand, fandom can sometimes make people do kind of crazy things.

From sobbing, screaming audience members at Beatles concerts to obsessive stalkers, being a hit with the general public isn’t all sunshine and roses. This is a fact that a school in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture is learning about first-hand thanks to die-hard Slam Dunk fans.

As you probably know, Slam Dunk is a beloved manga and anime about basketball. It’s also one of the best-selling series in Japan and has left an undeniable mark on fans around the world. Naturally, if you’re a fan of the series and you’re in Japan, you’ll probably want to do some sightseeing to visit places related to the series. Who wouldn’t, after all, want to see, for example, a high school that was used as a model for one of the schools in the series, or the train crossing featured in the show’s opening sequence?

▼ Tourists taking photos at Slam Dunk‘s train crossing

While we’re not sure just how many people actually go around and take photos of Kamakura High School in Kanagawa, it seems that the number is not insignificant. In fact, the school has even posted signs in four languages telling people not to come on to the property without permission, and instructing them not to take photographs of the school. All of this seems necessary to protect the privacy of underage students and their teachers.

Unfortunately, not everyone is paying heed to the signs.

According to Asahi Shinbun, a group of four people entered the school grounds without permission last month. The group reportedly took photos, and the report describes a women in the group apparently cosplaying in a wedding dress. The people in the group were apparently speaking Chinese, but it’s not clear where they were from, nor whether they were ignoring the signs or simply hadn’t seen them.

The recent incident is troubling for school officials, but they have indicated that they don’t want to stop sightseeing, which is a major economic draw for the city. Even so, they’re not sure what to do about the situation.

The school is actually one of two sightseeing spots related to Slam Dunk. In addition to the school, the railroad crossing near Kamakurakoko-mae Station, which is close to the school, is also well-known to fans of the show for its appearance in the show’s opening sequence.

Kamakura High School is also famous for its location. It’s so gorgeous that some people apparently use the phrase “kama boke” (“kama daydreaming,” as in Kamakura) to describe school students who can’t get in the mood to study because the scenery is so beautiful. And who could blame them? The place is stunning!

Hopefully the school won’t have any more intrusions. We can’t imagine sightseers would help improve the students’ focus…

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