With a history that stretches back some three generations, Toyota is one of the most recognized car manufacturers around. The company offers numerous family friendly vehicles, and their newer models include additional features like “Safety Sense” automatic braking technology, all designed to keep passengers as safe as possible.

That may explain why Toyota decided to release this commercial, just in time for Father’s Day in Japan, which documents the many car journeys one father and daughter take together, from the day Dad brings his little girl home from the hospital right up until she has a child of her own.

The ad was met with an overwhelmingly positive response online, with over 5,000,000 views on YouTube alone, and many Japanese viewers were so moved to tears it made them promise to give ol’ dad a Father’s Day visit last June.

Love from one generation…


…to the next.

The video went viral, and many Japanese viewers took the time to comment and show appreciation for everything their own fathers have done for them.

“This is a wonderful, moving commercial.”
“I always skip through commercials, but I watched this one until the very end. I was really moved.”
“This’ll make you cry.”
“What a great story.”
“You’ll cry your eyes out.”
“It makes me want to go visit my dad.”
“This commercial really shows what raising a child is like.”
“It moved me so much I can’t stop crying.”

Including this nugget of wisdom, which we all need to be reminded of sometimes:

“It may seem like dads are a pain, but that’s just because they worry about their children.”

One of the commercial’s strongest points is that its able to relate to something everyone around the world can understand without using any words.

What did you all think of the ad? Hopefully we didn’t leave you going through a whole box of tissues in one sitting.

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