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Earlier, we introduced a new game that shows what Pikachu will look like as an old man, but now it’s not clear if he is ever going to reach that ripe old age. Everyone’s favorite Pokémon has been kidnapped, you guys!

Japanese Twitter user @hirOz_ snapped this pic on a highway near Nagoya with the caption, “Urgent news bulletin: Pikachu has been kidnapped!”

Poor Pikachu! It looks like he’s been able to partially wiggle out of the hood they had over his head, but he’s still strapped down pretty tight. And it looks like he really needs to pee…

Who knows what awful plans his captors have in store for him? Perhaps he’ll be forced to fight for Team Rocket? It’s too awful to contemplate.

Hopefully Ash is on his way with a pokéball handy.

H/T Wadai no Gazou
Top image: The Official Pokémon Channel