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Sometimes it’s the smallest stars that become the biggest hits on popular photo-sharing site Instagram. Cats and dogs have their fair share of followers but now it’s time for a pair of cosplaying guinea pigs to have their time to shine.

Meet Fuzzberta and her big sister MiniGuineaPig, who like to play dress-up as a range of characters from Harry Potter to Princess Leia and Pikachu. These are the cutest critters you’ll see all day!

▼ The two sisters share the limelight quite happily. They even show calm restraint when it comes to devouring their home-made birthday cake.

▼ Their owner, Monica Wu, started taking photos of the pair with her phone and then it gradually grew to include gems like this Ewok Guinea Pig.

▼ And where there’s an Ewok, there’s a good chance you’ll find Princess Leia too!

▼When they’re not cosplaying, they appear to enjoy regular activities like grocery shopping and seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses.

▼While they can’t travel to England, they do a great job of channelling a British bobby by a telephone box.

▼ Harry Potter, is that you?

▼ Their Japanese portfolio includes beloved characters like Rilakkuma, Pikachu and Eevee.

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A big thank you to our friend @pikucocoharu for this Rilakkuma bear!! It looks just like Fuzzberta (especially the ears)!!🐻 – We got your surprise in the mail and love it very much. We will hang the photos of our furry Japanese friends by our cage 💕 – Follow @fuzzyinstapigs, our fuzz feature account, and be sure to follow our sweet friends: @olliepiggie, @cavykrazy, @burrito_nibbler, @princess.mochi.bun, and @camera.cavy! #rilakkuma #sanx #cosplay #guineapigs #guineapig #cavy #モルモット #guineapigsof_ig #cute #dailycute #showcasing_pets #globalanimals #poshpamperedpets #petlovingclub #feature_do2 #funpetloveclub #trb_creature_feature #pets_of_our_world #delight_pets #happy_pets #pawstruckcritters #amazing_picturez_animals

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▼ The way this duo rides a pony and flies a kite is one of the internet’s most adorable things. It’s those cute little mouths that give these critters such expression!

To date, Fuzzbert and her sister have over 23,000 followers. Be sure to check out their Instagram account for regular updates on the duo’s adventures!

Source, images: Fuzzberta Instagram