There’s nothing like sitting down to a good meal at the end of the day, is there? After a day working, flopping onto the couch with a full belly feels just about perfect. Of course, part of what it so great is being able to eat at a leisurely pace, without worrying about someone else cramming in at the table with you.

Unfortunately, if you’re an adorable little bird, you maybe not have the option of sitting down at the table and eating your meal hassle free. Just ask this pair who decided that the only way to get dinner was to smoosh themselves together into a jar!

Japanese Twitter user @0909_ark is apparently the proud owner of two colorful parrots. Well, we’re not sure how proud the Twitter user is right now — the parrots seem to be making right fools of themselves! On the other hand, @0909_ark is getting some pretty good entertainment out of their bird-brained behavior.

“You parrots are supposed to go in one at a time and get your food neatly. You’re not supposed get all in a fluster and jam yourselves in there like that!”

▼ Obviously, no one told the parrots!

birds (1)


birds (2)

▼ “Uh. Little help? I think I’m stuck. Stop taking pictures and help meeee!”

birds (3)

Fortunately, it seems that the birds made it through their feeding okay. Here’s a pair of “after” photos. And just like us, the bird looks ready for a nap after its meal.

Here’s a tweet with a bit of history about the birds. Apparently they didn’t get along particularly well at first, but now they seem to be best friends. Best friends who love to smoosh themselves into food jars? Sounds like our kind of friends!

Finally, here’s @0909_ark explaining that even when taking the birds out to play, they just end up focusing on the seed. We can’t blame them — we can’t focus when people put food down near us either!

▼ “Even when I do this →→→ this happens!”

Now after all this talk about food, we’re starving! Time to hit the convenience store and get some snacks. We just hope we don’t get our heads stuck in anything…

Source/images: Twitter (@0909_ark)