Since its creation around 150 years ago, many people have dedicated their whole lives to the art of making good sushi, and we’re certainly thankful for that.

In fact, you could say the art of preparing good sushi is kind of like learning to do tricks on a skateboard, or at least it is if you have a vivid imagination. For those of you scratching your heads, it’ll make a little more sense after watching this entertaining sushi-meets-skateboarding ad. And hey, here at RocketNews24 there’s nothing we love more than sushi and entertainment.

But Japan’s top sushi chefs don’t really need to shred a skateboard park to make good sushi… do they?

Still confused as to what sushi, skateboards, and ATMs all have in common? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Some types of sushi, and most sashimi dishes, come with a side of daikon oroshi, or grated radish. Apparently this sushi chef apprentice’s shredding, or rather grating, skills, aren’t quite up to par, so he decides to up his game and shred some radish at the local skateboarding park.


For those of you studying Japanese, oroshi comes from the verb orosu, which means to grate. It’s also has the same pronunciation of the Japanese word for taking out money from a bank account or ATM, but with a different kanji character.

UNY Group Holdings has teamed up with Circle K Sunkus convenience stores to roll out ZEROBANK and Bank Time ATMs, promising users withdrawals that are way easier than trying to grate radish with a skateboard. In fact, ZEROBANK takes care of those pesky ATM closing hours Japan is infamous for by offering virtually 24-hour ATM service depending on your area, while Bank Time accepts over 1,500 different bank, cash, and credit cards.


Still, we have to marvel at this sushi chef apprentice’s mad skills, as no CG was used to film or put together the video. Although the ad cautions people not to try this at home, since skateboarding has recently become a popular hobby in Japan, we’re sure it’ll inspire some viewers to think of other creative ways to combine skateboarding with other things they love, much like young Isamu Yamamoto is doing with many of his competitive routines, featuring some very typical figure skating like moves set to classic J-pop.

As of now, ZEROBANK and Bank Time ATMs are available in roughly half of all prefectures in Japan. We’re looking forward to seeing what other convenient services they offer and how they expand in the future.

Source: YouTube 株式会社ゼロネットワークス
Featured, insert images: YouTube 株式会社ゼロネットワークス