Everyone knows what a kimono is – the beautifully designed, traditional Japanese garb that is still worn for formal occasions, even today. But did you know the kimono-making industry is in crisis? With its artisans aging and not enough newcomers taking up the mantle, the market has been dwindling quickly over the past few decades.

But there are a few who are trying to revive this dying tradition, by taking kimonos to the runway at New York Fashion Week. Would you like to see this become a reality? Find out how you can help!

According to their Kickstarter page, non-profit organizations Kimono Hiro Inc. and Kimono Artisan Kyoto hope to reverse the plummeting sales of and interest in kimono. With very few people learning the trade and taking over the job of the old artisans, kimono-making has become a dying art. It is estimated that most kimono manufacturers intend to discontinue their businesses within the next decade.


The aim of their challenge is to raise interest and to “demonstrate authentic kimono beauty and elegance” at one of the biggest fashion venues in the world, with the hope that people will rediscover the capabilities of this traditional yet modern dress.

They also hope to re-inspire artisans and create a new interest in the craft, by introducing kimono fashion to the world market. The show will be produced by world-renown kimono stylist and designer Hiromi Asai, and will show the beautiful works of artisans from Kimono Artisan Kyoto.

▼ Kimono artisans hard at work


As is to be expected, producing such a high-profile show does not come without great cost, which is why the Kickstarter fund was started. Those who donate will not only help make this show a reality, but will also have the chance to see the fashion show live, attend the after-show reception party, and more.

For those unable to attend the show, there are other incentives for you as well, including intricately cut works of paper art called kiri-e, and samples of real kimono fabrics.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more up-to-date information!

Source and images: Kickstarter