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Fire crews are currently battling a blaze at a petrochemical plant in Rizhao City in China’s Shandong Province following a massive explosion which occurred at just after 7:30am local time today.

Onlookers caught the moment the plant exploded on camera, only to then run for their lives as subsequent explosions caused the ground beneath their feet to shake.

The video, the first half of which appears to have been taken from quite some distance away, shows the structure on the horizon disappear behind a ball of orange of flames.

▼ Motorists watch as smoke and flames pour out of the facility.

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▼ Seconds later, a huge blast causes them to retreat even further.

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▼ Taken from another location, a second piece of footage captures the moment of the explosion, a powerful shockwave following a blinding flash.

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Australia’s 9News reports that as many as 130 firefighters from a neighbouring town are working to control the blaze, which is believed to have started after a large-size gas tank caught fire. There is no word yet about the number of plant workers who may have lost their lives in the explosion and subsequent fires.

Source: Hachima Kikou h/t 9News
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