Young people around Beijing have suddenly begun taking selfies in front of a Uniqlo shop as a part of a recent trend that started online. Many of the photographs depict a man standing behind his girlfriend, occasionally in provocative poses.

The reason for these peculiar pics is a graphic sex tape that went viral in China showing a man and women having intercourse inside a Uniqlo dressing room. The video has become a hit in a country that strictly prohibits such material from being available to the population.

The following video shows some censored still images from the original recording. Be sure to keep the volume down if you’re watching near others though – in it you can hear the heavy breathing, distinctive rhythmic pounding, and the occasional spank of the couple along with dirty talk like “Call me your husband.” and “Say we’ll be together.” Dirty talk is apparently very romantic in China.

Lending legitimacy to the video, the sounds of Uniqlo announcements can be heard in the background as well. The identity of the couple is unknown but police are investigating. Uniqlo has distanced themselves from the incident and denied any involvement but will undoubtedly be reminding the public that they frequently clean their fitting rooms.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is outraged that the video was able to proliferate as it did, and held the country’s biggest social networks Sina and Tencent accountable, giving their top execs a stern talking-to.

This time the damage had already been done, however. “Fitting room” has become a slang term for a place to have sex, and many online have been calling for the clothing retailer asking for larger changing areas. Under normal circumstances Uniqlo is considered a rather generic clothing store, known more for its reasonable prices and reliable quality than wild antics. But now it’s hard to walk by that Beijing Uniqlo and not see someone taking a picture of themselves simulating sex in front of it.

Source: Huffington Post UK
Video: YouTube – Aden News
Top Image: Twitter