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What began as a simple list compiled to settle bar bets has snowballed into an international organization that documents the best of the best of the weirdest records you can possibly imagine. Just thumbing through a copy of Guinness World Records will give you more useless trivia knowledge than anyone could possibly want in a lifetime. Some of these records are so bizarre that once you discover them, it’s hard to ever forget that fact again.

Never mind important information like the 35th President of the United States, do you know what the world record is for the number of times someone can kick themselves in the head? Keep on reading to find out.

A series of videos from the Guinness World Records YouTube channel is spotlighting interesting and unique records that have been captured with a camera. A recent upload has been kicking up a storm of attention from some Japanese blogs. It answers the age-old question, “How many times can one person kick themselves in the head within one minute?”

The most remarkable thing is that this record has officially been broken eight times. Which means at least seven times, someone read this particular world record and thought, “Yeah, I could totally do better than that.”

▼ “Doing better”

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As far as outrageous records go, this probably isn’t even the worst one, but rarely does any other record provide such satisfying video footage of a record holder getting exactly what they deserve. Congratulations, Puskar Nepal.

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Japanese Internet users were baffled as to why a record like this exists, but everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, even if it means getting your kicks by kicking yourself in the head.

Source: YouTube/Guinness World Record via Kotaro Blog
Images: YouTube/Guinness World Record