Back in January, we introduced you to a series of gachapon toys that featured a young lady so smitten with sushi she wanted to be completely wrapped up in it. It seems she has moved on from that culinary fixation. Now she wants to soak in a carbonated beverage jacuzzi and be slathered in catsup at a fast food burger joint.

Allow me to present Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop, or The Daydreaming Girl’s Hamburger Shop.

As with the first series, this second round features the illustrations of manga artist Toshinao Aoki, come to food-obsessed life. The five toys have our daydreamer replacing the meat in a hamburger, sliding into a hotdog bun, hanging out with some french fries, and soaking in a cup of cola or melon soda. What, no love for onion rings?


If you ask me, this doesn’t have the same crazy Japanese charm as the sushi versions, but what do I know? Gachapon are essentially inexplicable, as proven by the success of sexy banana, horrifying isopod, and folding chair toys.

▼I’d like some su-she, please.


In any event, the Daydreaming Girl’s Hamburger Shop toys go on sale this month, so we’ll see if Japan has an appetite for a girl whacked out on fast food fantasies.

Via Rakuten
Top image: Rakuten
Images: Takaratomi A.R.T.S, Game Watch