A woman in China is being skewered on the Interwebs worldwide for her decision to refuse help from the fire department in rescuing her three-year-old child, who was trapped inside her luxury BMW on an exceptionally hot summer’s day.

Onlookers grew concerned when they heard the child yelling and crying from within the car – the mother apparently gone running some errands – and someone eventually called the authorities to break the child out.

When the fire department arrived, a woman who turned out to be the child’s mother and owner of the car was also on the scene. She insisted that fire department rescuers wait for the locksmith to arrive, however, as she feared the workers would resort to shattering a window or, even worse, using the “jaws of life” to pry open – and thus utterly destroy – the BMW’s door.

While this is certainly a remarkable example of bad parenting as it is, things took a dramatic turn for the worse when the child inside allegedly passed out from heat exhaustion, prompting fire department officials to finally smash open a window and rescue the kid.


It wasn’t long before the Internet masses caught wind of this extremely irresponsible parenting, and commenters everywhere began chastising the mother for apparently putting the safety of her car above the health of her child.

Reports give no specifics on how the child ended up locked inside the car in the first place, but indicate the woman left the keys inside, meaning the child could have inadvertently locked the doors from within.

It goes without saying that you should never, ever leave a child, dog, or any other living thing for that matter, unattended in a car. Death from heat exposure is but one of myriad things that could go wrong when you leave a kid alone inside a vehicle. All sorts of other unexpected things could also happen in this scenario. For example, this writer, when around five or six years old, accidentally threw the family car into ‘drive’ while unattended and literally ran over his own father. He’s okay, but the trauma of the incident led me to become an Internet writer, a fate I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

Source: NariNari
Photo: CEN via NariNari
Inset: Wikimedia Commons