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There’s a Zen thought exercise that asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Contrary to what that old Simpsons episode might argue, it’s supposed to be a question without a definite answer.

On the other hand, we do know exactly what the sound of 10 cats eating is, and it’s an amazing mix of adorable and entrancing.

A month ago, we looked at a video from Japanese YouTube user 9 Cats, which, exactly as advertised, featured nine cats. Recently, though, 9 Cats changed his screen name to 10 Cats in recognition of the newest member of the household, the two-week-old kitten Osamu.

▼ Seen on the right here

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With 10 meowing mouths to feed, dinner time is a sight to see in the 10 Cats household, and you could say it’s also a sound to hear.

▼ Being independently minded creatures, it takes a while to get everyone together, but jump ahead to the 1:45 mark in the video below to see the whole team chowing down simultaneously.

The symphony of smacks, slurps, and clicks takes on a rhythmic quality, as Lulu, Musashi, Osamu, Kojiro, Michelle, Mu, Taro, May, Maru, and Mi-ke are almost entirely focused on their dishes.

▼ We say “almost entirely” because of Kojiro here.

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Even if you’re not an animal lover, the collection of sounds is surprisingly soothing, and would probably work pretty well as relaxing white noise. But if the sight of 10 Cats’ 10 cats has you squealing with delight instead of winding down, there’s another group meal, with the dishes in a different array, at the video’s 2:53 mark.

▼ You might want to move Osamu. Why?

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▼ Because…

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Cute as it may be to watch, it can’t be easy to set out food for 10 different cats. Still, there’s at least one upside to the situation: With so many diners, there’s always someone ready to polish off the leftovers.

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Source: Labaq
Images: YouTube/10 Cats.